About STar Fleet HQ

(Short Version - Will be expanded in the near future...)

STar Fleet HQ - an Atari Telnet BBS in 2017

BBS Hardware:

BBS Hardware

BBS Software

On the Atari Mega 4 STE...

On the PC Side, the Commodore BBS Server 1.4a has replaced the Lantronix box.

BBS History

STar Fleet HQ (The ST in STar Fleet is intentional, being an Atari ST BBS) started up around 1993 or so. It began as the support BBS for the STARTREK RPG echo for FidoNet for which I was a co-moderator. The STARTREK echo was a collection of "Play by Echo Mail" FASA Star Trek RPG games, all more or less "coexisting" in the same basic universe, even if they didn't always interact. SFHQ was going to be the repository for all the information the games may require.

I was also part of the group that brought FidoNet Net 2215 into Akron, splitting from the Cleveland Net 157. We felt that it was important for Akron to have its own net, given that we were, if I recall correctly, bigger and the fact that Cleveland was long distance (because back then, that mattered). We were successful and were granted our own Net. Rubber City Net was created in the August 6th 1993 Nodelist 218 with Chris Harper at the helm.

I will expand this in the near future. I want to get the site up and don't want to wait on things like this... But suffice to say, in March 2013, I resurrected STar Fleet HQ as a Telnet BBS. I'm hopeful that it will be up for quite some time to come.

About the SysOp

I have always been into computers, since long before it was considered cool. I started college in 1991 going for a Computer Science degree. As life tends to not always follow the plan we set out, I ended up leaving college after starting my own business in the mid 90's. I ran that IT business for over a decade until about 2007 when the changes in the economy forced many of my clients out of business within a small time frame. We couldn't recover from that.

My hobbies and interests include tabletop and computer strategy war gaming as well as computer and "pencil and paper" role playing games. I am also into collecting and using classic computers (focusing mostly on Atari computers but have recently expanded into Apple and Timex Sinclair). I currently run an "old school" Atari BBS, STar Fleet HQ which I originally started in the mid 90's. I also am interested in Artificial Intelligence projects and I am looking forward to starting some projects with my new Arduino board. Outside of the Electronic/Computer world, I have also been involved with Tae Kwon Do on and off since high school and I am hoping to get started again.